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In the previous article, some tips were mentioned on what are the benefits of having to join a writing group. However, the question is “how do we find or locate writing groups where we can join?” In this article, I will be providing some pointers or tips on various ways how you can locate a writing group so you can improve your writing and learn some ways on how to handle certain issues when it comes to writing.

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If you cannot meet with your group members, then do it through the coolest way technology is being used nowadays. Do it through chat. Through group message in chat rooms or private messages with other members, each member can help each other out. It is just like real time feedback conversations but it is being logged in chat rooms. So in the event that you need to go back to the feedback or tip that was provided to you, you don’t have to ask your group member to repeat what they said. On top of that, you can improve your writing without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Online communities

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home and still want to join writing groups, you have the option to join online communities. This is considered as a group and people get together and help each other out to improve each individual’s skill in writing. They get together in certain events such as online webinars and their communication is through video chat. The benefit of this compared to local writing group is that you can have your group members from all over the world who have a deep interest in writing. Aside from that, group members are limitless so you can have as many group members as much as you want. You can even join as many groups as you want.

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Joining forums and group discussions either online or offline is also one of the ways to locate or build or join your writing group. Forums are great since it targets the most specific inquiry that a member can ask. On the other hand, active members answer the inquiry of the member. One of the benefits of asking questions on how to improve your writing in forums is that you get a lot of feedback from various forum members. Therefore, one question you have on how to improve a certain skill in writing can have a lot of results and ways. For example, you ask a question in the forum on how to improve your article. The forum members will provide recommended information that can be included in your article, allowing you to have so many options and content to be added in your article.

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Online membership sites

Joining membership sites is also recommended since a lot of interested writers all over the world join membership sites. Membership sites cost money sometimes, but the information you will be getting is high class. It is just like joining writing workshops but you are not leaving the comfort of your home. You learn through your computer online through certain modules provided by the owner of the membership site. Membership sites contain thousands and thousands of hours of information that can be absorbed whenever you wish. You might be even lucky if you get coached by the owner of the membership site since they do live coaching randomly to make sure their members gets that maximum benefit of having the membership site and learning all the information that they can provide. The membership site contains a compilation of good recommendations and tips on how you can improve your writing. You can just choose what module or area you need to improve on and focus on that task.


Written above are just some ways on how you can locate or join writing groups. Whether online or offline, the benefits of joining writing groups are limitless. Make sure that you make the best out of it so you will not be wasting your time, effort and money in investing on how to improve your skills when it comes to writing. If you have any ideas or other ways on how to locate or build writing groups, I encourage you to create an article of your own to help others. Pass on your ideas and give out your tips to raise the population of future writers around the world.

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