How Children's Authors Dr. Seuss, Sheila Craan and Others Are Shrewd?

I Love The Cat in the Hat!
I Love The Cat in the Hat! | Source

The Cat is in the Hat.

What child does not know the Dr. Seuss' story books? They were a delight back then and still putting smiles on children's faces today. I was pleasantly surprised to see "The Cat in The Hat" translated into French. The French version is dramatically funnier than its English counterpart, "Le Chat Au Chapeau." In any case, as I read this book often to my daughter back then, now I am pleased to read it to my granddaughters today!

I love Mercer Mayer and Sheila Craan
I love Mercer Mayer and Sheila Craan

The Critter of Mercer Mayer

Children's story book author Mercer Mayer is well known for over 300 story books with "The Critter" being one of his most popular works. Little Critter tries to do everything for his mom, however, his endeavors forever turn out wrong. He also tries to wash the dishes and they all fall on the floor. He carries grocery bags for his mom and the bag breaks. He mops the floor and soap bubbles land everywhere. He wants to set the table for dinner, but is distracted by a program on the TV. Finally, he gives his mom a huge kiss and says he did it just for you mom.

The Critter is an adorable story for children. The words eloquently rhyme and the narrative is an easy read for children in the early grades. Children forever desire to please their parents and often they innocently make a mess of things. A grand message is shared in The Critter, it teaches children about the meaning of love.

Another favorite of Mercer Mayer is "There's an Alligator Under My Bed."

An Alligator Was Hiding in the Garage.

Mercer Mayer powerfully recites an alligator story he has vividly written and illustrated in an intensely dramatic tone, highly entertaining below. I do hope the boy’s Dad never discovers the alligator that is now lurking in the family garage!

Alligator Bait Lured a Fierce Alligator Away.

Windup Twinkle Toy

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was one of my daughter's best loved English lullabies we would sing along with a Twinkle Little Star windup toy just before bedtime, and regularly during the day. Reading bedtime stories to her was also one of our beloved past times. I am happy to see this book is still hugely popular among toddlers today.

The Best of Preschool

Another favorite among preschoolers is "The Ugly Duckling" created by Hans Christian Anderson in the 1800s. A beautiful swan finally realizes he is not an unsightly duckling, after meeting friends of his caliber, but not before suffering the pain of an inferiority complex.

Will Mr. Ses Become a Giant Lizard?

Sheila Craan

Mr. Ses Attends Stockville Elementary Academy
Mr. Ses Attends Stockville Elementary Academy

Mister Ses finds he is living in an abode on Stockville Elementary Academy's east schoolyard side before he's discreetly discovered by a boy named Lesley. Awestricken by him, Lesley decides to place him in his suit pocket to sneak him into class. Months go by and no one ever notices Mister Ses as they soak up their teacher's lessons. Mister Ses's wittiness and wisdom is mesmerizing! Their teacher assigns Mister Ses a typical student desk. He learns the French alphabet, and helps Lesley to understand difficult lessons. At the end of the school year, every student earns a promotion. Though Mister Ses is self-conscious of his large size, nevertheless, he knows he will try his best!


Brothers Grimm

One of my other favorite children's story books while growing up was "Rumpelstiltskin" by Brothers Grimm created in the 1800s, as well. I read along with an old record player that played a Rumpelstiltskin song. A few years later when I learned to crochet sweaters and scarves, before turning eleven, I associated my yarn to the straws the Miller's daughter Anna spun into gold. This association was a delight for me back then. This narrative has remained a classic in my family for many decades. I am happy to see it is still a favorite of children today!

Make Plans for a Royal Wedding Rumpelstiltskin!

When Parents Are Involved Children Learn More

Reading sets the foundation of a child’s education, and what better way to build up a child than for parents to read children's stories straight from an early age. Your favorite children’s story books may be different from these, nevertheless; all types of child story readings are beneficial, especially when parents are involved.

One, Two, Three, and Four

Every child deserves the best life has to offer!
Every child deserves the best life has to offer! | Source

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