Optical Illusions for Kids

Spot and Cricket
Spot and Cricket

Optical Illusions

What you think you’re looking at

May not always be true

Cause sometimes when you’re looking

You eyes play tricks on you

They’re called Optical Illusions

And they can trick your eyes

When you figure out just what it is

It’s always a surprise!

This can be confusing

And it will make you frown

When you think you’re going up stairs

But you’re really going down!

Or maybe it’s a circle

That will make you grin and smile

But trying to figure this one out

Might take you quite a while

Optical Illusions

Are amazing as can be

What you think should be there

Is not reality

Up is down and round is flat

And tall things, they are small

What you think you see, you see…

Is not really there at all!

Look at the noses on these cats

That gives you a clue

You think you’re seeing one cat

When you are really seeing two!

Optical Illusions

Are not reality

What you think you see, you see …

May not really be!

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Moneylady profile image

Moneylady 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hi Devon ... Good morning ... Thanks for stopping by ... Yep. this will make your iiii's X! :)

maria 6 years ago

yo peps

Nikki D. Felder profile image

Nikki D. Felder 6 years ago from Castle Hayne, N.C.

I've seen all of the above except for the cat. I still can't figure that one out! Thanks.

Moneylady profile image

Moneylady 6 years ago from Texas Author

Hi Nikki D. Felder ... One or two cats??? Actually 2 cats!That is a picture of my cat Spot and her friend Cricket who came to visit. Look again ... The cats are not facing the same direction at all and the trees are different on either side of the picture.

mio 4 years ago


i didn't notice that

Âshley 4 years ago

WÓW. ï l

Genius 4 years ago

That is soo cool! Thanx for that!

awesomeperson 4 years ago


TYLER 4 years ago

AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B

Angela Brummer profile image

Angela Brummer 4 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

This is so cool! I will share this!

livlove 4 years ago


world 4 years ago

all hail this vidieo

Cool Kool 4 years ago


harry 4 years ago

love it

jessica 4 years ago


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