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Pup and Veenie
Pup and Veenie | Source

We met upon a corner
So many years ago.
We spoke for just a moment,
Then I turned to go.

Perhaps it was your smile,
Perhaps fate played its part
But I discovered lasting love
Deep within my heart.

That was the beginning
Of a long and happy life
That we have shared together
As devoted man and wife.

We've had our days
Of sorrow as well as happiness,
Days spent within the little home
Our children came to bless.

Our children were to us such joy;
Too soon they left the nest
To settle in their own homes;
We wish them happiness.

Now we're still together,
Enjoying each new day.
So glad that on that corner
I didn't walk away.

© Lavinia Garbarino

About This Poem

My grandparents had a long and happy love together.

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Comments on Our Life Poem 4 comments

GageCounts profile image

GageCounts 4 years ago from Texas

One word: Beautiful.

carozy profile image

carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thank you very much.

Deep Metaphysical profile image

Deep Metaphysical 4 years ago from India

Destiny is something when you have the impulse of not letting something or someone go. The last lines reflect that. Beautiful poem.

carozy profile image

carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

True, definitely feel they were destined to meet. I'm glad you enjoyed the poem.

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