We are destroying the world by simply being selfish.

Mother earth and our morals
Mother earth and our morals

Every paragraph is a complete thought they do not continue onto the next one.

One day I was meditating, digging in my subconscious mind while in silent communion with my inner world, I heard the voice of our planet earth, crying. It sounded like a humming cloud before the lighten strikes. I asked “what is wrong my friend, why are you crying?” It answered and said, “Why am I being so abused by human beings? They destroy my rivers, they destroy my oceans, and they destroy my trees and soil. Do they not realize that by hurting me they have in turn hurt themselves? When human beings first started to exist on earth, I thought to myself that this will be a good relationship, which I would try to provide them with that which they needed. I think I was doing a good job. But did they appreciate what I have done and give me the respect that I deserve? No, they did not. When will they learn, before it is too late, that in order for us to exist, we must respect the rights of each other.”

Someone asked me how was I doing? I said I'm  at the top. They replied, but you might fall one day. My answer to him was that an invisible hand of great power has reached into my mind, and holds me “at the top.” Let me give you an example when I was four years old, I was walking with my grandfather through the coffee beans along a corridor that leads to the lavatory. He told me to hold his hand. I said no, that I wanted him to hold my hand. He asked me why and my reply was that if I held his hand, and tripped, I might let go and fall, but if he held my hand and this happened, I would not fall, for he would not let go. So it is with this invisible hand that I depend on to hold me at the top, because humanly speaking, I don’t always have the strength and courage to hold myself there.

Throughout the years, mankinds have used many layers of traditional and untraditional beliefs to cover and hide the “ultimate truth”. All mankind is either subconsciously or consciously searching for this “truth” and until they find it, they will never have an inward peace.

The mountain top
The mountain top

I had a dream where I found myself walking a divided path that split three ways. Each path led to the same mountain top. The first path which was the shortest distance was only four kilometers, but to complete it, one had to be hateful, greedy & selfish because those who took that path have been successful because of these qualities. The second path is twice the distance of the first path, except this time, one must only be greedy & selfish to complete it. And there is the third path which led to the mountain top but its 12 kilometers long. To complete it, one needs not to possess any of the previous qualities. All that was needed was for one to be unselfish, consistent & courageous. But unlike the other two paths, this one was longer and it will take seasons before one can reach the mountain top. Struggling to decide which path to take, I mistakenly chose to follow the third path, which is the longest distance among the three. I then packed my belongings and made my way up the mountain top. Here came my friend Tom, he quickly took the first path, and now my friend Teresa, without thinking up the second path she goes. Both have left me contemplating why I took the longest path to the mountain top. It wasn't until I began to learn how to overcome the obstacles that I had encountered throughout my journey that I began to realized the benefit of the third path. They were hurricanes which I learned how to protect myself from, then they were droughts which limited my food consumption, then came the vagabonds who tease me all the way up to the mountain top. Each one slowed me from reaching my goal “at the top” but once I reached the mountain top, I was able to build my own tent while my friend Tom & Teresa could not. I then offered to share my tent with my friend Teresa & Tom who took their selfish ways up to the mountain top.

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Coolbreezing profile image

Coolbreezing 7 years ago from New York, New York Author

Thanks, well the moral of the story is the most important - because that's where the lesson lies.

Coolbreezing profile image

Coolbreezing 7 years ago from New York, New York Author

Thanks lovezan - I made some correction hopefully its better than before - English is my third language, hopefully I get better at it.

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Another thoughtful hub cb , as always well done my friend

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jambo87 6 years ago

English is your third language? You write beautifully in it. I especially liked the last paragraph with the analogies of the droughts, hurricanes, and vagabonds.

Kimeshni 4 years ago

Thank you for your beautiful words.

creative hand profile image

creative hand 4 years ago

truly an inspiring one:to not to be selfish.......

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