Out Of The Frying Pan...Into The Frost.


Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Frost


Somewhere God

granted them cold,

those brave men who

ran into the towers,

firefighters, policemen,

maintainence engineers,

EMT's and paramedics,

each one knowing

that death most likely

could be waiting for

them above.


Acts of mercy in the

performance of their jobs

and when the floors started

to tumble with that

blam, blam, blam, blam, sound,

a quick prayer,

as they knelt in aid

to the fallen and

then death claimed them.

Incinerated with the

crumbling of their

nations security,
forever lost in the

ashes and rubble of despair.

Angels of mercy took

their smouldering souls,
and reversed the damage

madmen had wrought upon them,
letting them feel the cool

of natures finest chills.

Blessing them with complete

abstinence from the flame,
and when they thawed to a

delightful shivering bliss,
God granted them an eternity

of peace far from any fires of hate.




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