Over and Over

As I shut my bloodshot eyes and enjoy the feel of the wind in my face as always, my mind rests on you. A smile is brought to my face; I can almost smell a faint sent of you. You have been here. But, was it me you came here to think about? Was it us that pulled your mind in the direction which I seem to always follow and yet seem to be one step behind? It can’t be…for your name here in the sand is no comfort when I know you’re not with me. This dream, this fantasy is as invisible as the wind in my hair. What a tease, as my eyes open and flood again. What a cruel and heartbreaking way to remind me that you’re never coming back. It was me that drove you away just as it is me now, who bleeds for your return. And yet this is my decision. It always has been. It is me who now needs to find the strength to become who I KNOW I am. But will that change things? Will you want to return to my arms or are they cold for you now? I know I will never know…so here I sit…over and over again tracing your name in the sand….

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Johan Smulders profile image

Johan Smulders 4 years ago from East London, South Africa

Challenging and voted up!

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