Over the rainbow - poem

I had a dream that I could fly,

that I was invincible to scour the sky.

Through the clouds and sea mist,

freedom I could not resist.

I was a little a girl again,

seeing life through a magnified lens.

A beautiful world, my playground,

gliding through shadows, happiness abounds.

Up in the sky, I was flying high,

such blissful pleasure I could not deny.

At the top of the mountains, the sun beamed,

over the canyons, along the stream.

My beautiful innocent world,

through the rainfall, I was in a whirl.

The smiling rainbow, red, yellow, pink and green,

full of adventure, places unseen.

The array of colours, I was filled with hope,

Across the other side, I had strength to cope.

To hunt for treasure, golden pots of opportunity,

My magical journey filled me with serenity.

I searched for the pot, but soon realised it was

just a myth—

but I found my childhood, I got my wish.


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