Overcoming Anxiety-How To Cope


Feeling anxious late at night

As i leave the train station

Was that guy staring at me

Or is it just my imagination.


Don't want to come across as paranoid

Or as if i'm running scared

But if there's anyone in the shadows

I want to be prepared.


Walking home in the darkness

I'm certain i'm the only one on this street

But i'm sure beneath the sound of my own steps

I can hear somebody else's feet.


A car full of people appears

Draws up to me as it stops to park

The driver calls me over

And sits there in the dark.


I approached the car

And was feeling very wary

This was a scene

That could become quite scary.


They were just after directions

So that was okay

I helped them out

And they were on their way.


I knew that i had to get a reality check

Or i would scare myself to death

The best thing i knew to get rid of this anxiety

Was to start by taking a deep breath.


A few more deep breaths

And i'm feeling very calm

Now the only thing giving me away

Is the sweat on my palm.


I'm now approaching my house

So i'm feeling a good bit more bolder

But just to reassure myself

I take one last look over my shoulder.



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FGual profile image

FGual 6 years ago from USA

Great information, anxiety and stress are public enemies that must be defeated

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi FGual, Thanks a lot for coming on and reading this hub and for commenting on it. Cheers. Michael.

Lady Wordsmith profile image

Lady Wordsmith 6 years ago from Lancaster, UK

That's a very visual poem! I've been in this kind of situation many times - the danger has always been completely imagined, and I've always been fine. Still, I always feel it.

Hope you don't mind me saying, but you started the poem in the present tense and then switched to the past, and then back to the present again - don't know if that was intentional. Sorry for being nit-picky :)


michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Lady Wordsmith /Linda Thanks for reading and commenting on this hub. I certainly don't mind you saying anything and thanks for the tips. I didn't realise that is what i'd done. Because of writing shortcomings i had totally missed that. Many thanks, though. Much appreciated. Michael.

profile image

Marina Lester 6 years ago

Nice, indeed visual poem. Anxiety seems was your only foe in that dark street, and it WAS following you from the train... I hope you have shed some light on this beast, it's a vicious one. Thank you for the read, fun rhyming. I enjoyed peeking in on an anxiety of a different shade then my own. Thanks again Michael, keep writing! :)

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Marina, Thanks for reading this hub and commenting on it. Cheers. Michael.

Sarah Masson profile image

Sarah Masson 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

This is awesome, I loved it :)

michael ely profile image

michael ely 6 years ago from Scotland Author

Hi Sarah, Thanks for reading this and commenting on it, and thanks for following me. Glad you liked the hub. Much appreciated. Michael.

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 5 years ago from I'm outta here

Oh how cool your overcoming anxiety how to cope, your beautiful rhyme is soothing to the mind and eases the stress in-itself. :) Katie

michael ely profile image

michael ely 5 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks a lot for your kind words here Katie. Much appreciated. Glad you like it.


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