A tear created is a magical force.
Either sadness or happiness can be at its source.
In Creation, she evokes this emotion.
That is how you and I are set in motion.

Love spurts our growths like pines.
Knowledge launches us upward towers like wines.
But all they really need to wean.
Is the fact they still are being.

All though we do test their will.
Giving negativity rather than showering them with frill.
They happily take it plus a little bit more.
Adding more prestigious fire to the all mother’s lore.

All Mother is ultimate nurture.
Just like Earth is meshed with nature.
If they only knew what their true worth.
Which is timeless, priceless appreciation from the moment of our birth.

My Thoughts

Mothers, you have to love them. Wrote this poem as a reminder to myself what a mother is. maybe you can see some things you like, maybe you found some things i forgot to add or maybe have a different definition of what your mother means to you but i hope the general message came through. Mothers are great

My mom has worked in a factory for 30 years of her life just for me and my brother. She hates the place, gripes about it almost everyday. But she does it, strong and hopeful each day. Each day and night, she works to keep our roof over our heads. She refuses to have her sons lend her money, will not ask for loaned money from us, and so many little quirks that make her special to me.

Being a male growing up, i would throw fits of unnecessary rage at her. She took it with stride and I am sorry for those teenage years. She puts up with a lot just like all mothers out there. They are the carriers of humanity, the carriers of life, and the carriers sons and daughters. My dumb, simple words can never truly explain their awesomeness but I try. Love you, love your mother!

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