Precious Perfection, Perfect Destruction

Behind the castle walls shines out gray
Smoke filled sky, and the door rips open
Exposing me, my shadow backlit by
The red revenge, the anger that drives me.

And I spit out words
Each one sharpened by a bitter tongue
With no purpose other than
To cut through you.

My fist beats my chest
And my eyes pick you up and drop you
Breaking your heart through your ribs
And never laying a finger on you.

I knock over pedastools of
False idols and things that
Don't deserve to be raised
Higher than my fingers can reach.

My brain radiating, shaking you
And slamming you back to Earth
Taking white paint and
Whitewashing your cancer, your memories.

And then my nails do the damage
Ripping through your back to leave
Permanent scarring, forever will you now
Be wrapped in this moment, this obsessive
Creepy, fiendish entanglement.

I shape you, make you my own
And when your knight comes streaming in
I leap from my perch and
Slaughter his always perfect words.

I am better than he will ever be.
And I will fight to maintain my precious kingdom
Until it is forceably ripped
From my greedy hands.

(This is a poem about a man with jealousy issues. His paranoia nearly drives him away from the one he loves, when really, everything is in his head.)

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Yes I can see vivid issues! :)

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