Free me from these chains of steel,

that snare my soul in the throes of death.

Bless the white hair billowing from my crown

and wipe the tears from my cheek.

Touch the harsh crags of my skin,

in order to understand peril.

Join your spirit with mine in endless unity,

but first taste the mist above the suave shallow waters.

Charm the gentle breeze from its course

and learn how to love.

Strive until the days are lost,

in an agonizing whirlwind of ashes.

Share your rich blood,

and bare your flesh to the wretched.

Walk forever and grieve seldom,

to make happiness plenty.

Free me! Free me! Free me!

or let me die in peace.

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Monkey 2 years ago

This is the perfect way to break down this inrmaoftion.

cohoyo1 profile image

cohoyo1 2 years ago from Barrington, Rhode Island Author

Thank you very much.

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