A poem which is a paean

I have always been interested in the deeply human need for hymns, chants, prayers and paeans around the world and throughout history. I imagined an old cathedral with monks in robes chanting in the dim candlelight, encapsulating the entire breadth of human experience in a repetitious moaning.

This is not a religious poem. It is anthem to the struggle of life.


black and white

always night

back and forth

end and source

polar tug

single judge

questing face

needing grace

hoping this

does exist

out of touch

with so much

sky and earth

time and birth

pride it comes

from the thumbs

and in kind

from the mind

carving knife

makes a life

bloody spill

makes a will

all our thoughts

barren plots

to make pure

sin's allure

and refine

some design

never shown

never known

chant and pray

pass away

vortex swirl

fetal curl

faint and dim

ancient hymn

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blaise25 profile image

blaise25 5 years ago from close to you...

loved the flow of this hum..

the photo was dragging me too

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