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My book of fate

lies unfinished,
holding many

chapters of what
was slated to be

but failed to


 into reality.

So many of our

dreams are fictional,
short stories

that wallow in

the closeout bin
in the chambers

of broken hearts.

But there are also

many blank pages
that lie in wait

of my seeking
to fill them with

 the wonders of

describing the fulfillment
of all that I ever

 thought possible.

Endless stabs

at hope, with a pen
on pulped paper,

slashing out
words that might

bring me the acclaim

all poets desire.

There is also

a final page,
tucked somewhere

in my book
but not necessarily

at the end,

twists and turns
are common in

the bio's of our life.

Vast libraries of

unfinished manuscripts
float in the

 limbo of what was
and will never

more be.

And so I write

feverishly against
the hands of

time bent on
erasing my

tomorrow's in
my cherished

book of fate.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I want to erase some yesterdays. Not too quickly though. Thank you Sir!

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