Pain #2


Pain,pain, always the same,

A sea of despair rages

against the coming of the night

Daily, hourly always a fight

for such a desperate plight.

a wingless eagle without flight.

Despair anchors deep.

To unfold in riches of Gold

is beyond my grasp,

So I am told.

In the streams of my dreams,

I strive by seconds or

so it seems.

To escape this imperial fire,

for this single moment,

it is my greatest desire.

I am soul weary of flaccid platitude

an ambiguous foe to the greatest of minds

perplex and slow their sincerest gratitude.

I walk on.

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Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

Pain, sorrow, despair...but beautifully written

tania agosta 7 years ago

...I admire you.

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