Pain's Lover

Pain's Lover

Pain is holding me in a lover's tryst.

Hard to see, hard to breathe, and hard to resist.

It kisses me hard on the heart first.

Then it causes me to cry and burst.

It caresses me with a slow hand.

Falling to the ground, not able to stand.

It uses my body in ways unpleasant.

Opening wounds, and bleeding constant.

It whispers in my ears, of loveless lies.

Little by little I curl up and die.

Praying to find my light within.

Wanting out of this darkness again.

Using me, beating me until I'm numb.

Constantly calling with a broken drum.

My body sways to the lonely sound.

As my tears fall, soaking the ground.

Closing my eyes I follow the path.

No mercy to show from pain's wrath.

It calls to me, saying we are one.

Broken and battered, i fall, I'm done.

It pulls me in and holds me tight.

Squeezing, and squeezing until gone is the light!

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JadedLove 5 years ago

BEAUTIFUL WORDS AS USUAL. UP UP AND AWAY(BEAUTIFUL). Love to read your heart. stunning

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

Thank you so much. I love hearing your feedback, because you are awesome

marellen 5 years ago

Wow...very powerful words....I feel your pain too. Nice poem.

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

thank you Marellen. It is something I went through. It came from my heart. Blessings

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