I love You!

November 21,1996

    A young child sits with a box of crayons and her little spiral notebook. She calls it her Book.  It is February 13, the day before Valentine's day. Today she made valentines in her first grade class.  The girl is proud she learned to write "I love You!" Now she sits with her crayons and decides to make a valentine in her book. It will be for someone special!  The crayons are not grown up enough to make this special valentine for this special person, so she goes to get  a pen.
    First comes the gigantic letter "I" it goes from the top of the  page to the  bottom. Then an slightly smaller " love". Below the love she writes a tiny little "you", because she made the love so big there was little room left. Last comes the huge bubble exclamation point that she fills in with black ink.
    A young girl sits in the center of piles of spiral notebooks and other papers. She calls them her books. It is the day after her father tried to hurt her mother. It is the day after she called the police on her father. She did nothing in her fifth grade class, because she did not go to school. The girl is angry and afraid! Now she sits with her notebooks and decides to tear them up.  It will be because she lost someone special. The books are not grown up enough for someone that called the cops on her father, so she goes to tear them up.
    First out comes a page of  gigantic numbers. The rip goes from the top of the paper to the bottom. Then the page with a slightly smaller alphabet. On the page below that are teddy bears and flowers, ripped out because he made the love so small they didn't fit.  Last page comes the huge "I love you," with the exclamation point filled in with black ink.
    She stops. Who was the special person she wrote this to? It was someone proud  that they could write "I love you," and happy because she meant it. That was who she wrote it to. Her eyes fall to the paper, she reads emphasis in the gigantic letter "I." "I love me?" the girl asks herself  aloud, not knowing  if the, lost someone special can be found.  It sounds good. She says it again! "I love me." It feels good! She shouts it. "I love Me!"     
    A young woman sits at her computer, near a disk she calls her book. It is November 27, the day before Thanksgiving. Today she boiled potatoes and defrosted turkey. The girl is stressed she needs to write a speech. It must be about someone special! None of the people she can think of are any more special  than any other. So she goes to get her files to find someone she wrote about before. 
    First comes a gigantic file labeled history reports. Then a slightly smaller file called TV people. Below the files lies the cover marked My Book.   Last beneath that cover lies the page with the huge "I love you," with the exclamation point filled in with black ink.
    So she-I commemorates this woman, girl and child.


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