Pandora saved me

And after the chest was opened, with all of the evils unleashed -

Each one a dreadful monster, each one a horrible beast,

What remained behind seemed so small, its power appearing to be least,

Was Hope, in its miniscule beauty - for the desperate heart, a feast.

Though I may now feel pangs of desolation, though my soul is pulled to strain,

That indispensible spark of Hope soothes my heart's deepest pain.

And though at time it seems hidden, I can very easily make it plain,

Like the sun bursts through storm clouds to refract all colors from the rain.

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mal malhi 6 years ago

this reminds me of Samuel Johnson's quote on hope.. "The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure but from hope to hope.".. hope is indeed at the core of our being!! i loved your poem..

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