Paradox Hoax

From my book, The Evolution of A Word Made Flesh


At one point in my life I would sit for hours watching and listening to

the pundits of politics. And all it left me was angry and discontent with

life Not just my own, but everyone's life. So I wrote about it in this poem

I titled Paradox Hoax. Click on the link below to listen to it being read as you read along.

I keep fondling dreams as I

flip through FOX, CNN and MSNBC networks.

An electric lady land fantasy

of revolutions where over and over and 

under and through, inconsistent gibberish of

conservative conversationalists' and

liberal libel is taken for truth.

My heart is pumping out toxic fiber optic

editorial journalistic pollution like kidneys
       secrete the habit of alcohol and 
                cigarette poisons.

Our dependence on government help is 

broken glass shards ruining the 

veins of society

while Limbaugh and spring chicken heads with a 

View are enslaving our voices,

limiting the truth of our choices, using

eminent domain for our minds as they spit out

their opinions through television and radio

frequencies into our brain waves as truth.

How some American hearts stay warm with

nightly news schisms, burning intolerance,

unreal realism, religious sincerity posed

and limp dick Viagra commercials

is amazing. But still a paradox hoax.  

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