Paradox of Thrift [poem]

Where there is hate, breed love
Where there is hate, breed love

Faith says : ~faith is the girl in the poem

They say it takes time to love to trust

Yet in this short while I’ve learned to lust

Was it destiny, faith or just a game?

Was it me that you whom i have to blame?

~~ ~~

You were created to love then hate me

To break me to shatter me


All I saw was your world and mine crumble

As the beauty of heaven turns to rumble

You toyed with me and claimed me for a night

Then you walked scattering the only ray of light

You said you were not cut out for this

And everything we had was temporary bliss~~

You lusted to see me crumble out of my grief

To watch my body burn, to your relief


Did you pray to GOD to watch me shatter

Ember to inferno everything that matters

Was I wrong to love you dear?

Were you burning inside to see my tears?

So eager to watch me realize my fears?


You walked away with the only thing I hold dear

You stole my heart and walked away

Left me to burn, my ashes to be blown away

You left me broken

With no word spoken

Blind and bleeding,

Dying , and soaring~

Damon speaks to Faith saying

Let me be the object of your hate

Let me be the hand driven by hate

If I could project yourself hatred towards me

Then perhaps you might want to live free

By that you think I am twisted and manipulative

But only after something major and destructive

You will learn to see the beauty of life

And learn to discard that knife!

So hate me now for I shattered your crystal ball

Yet channel that hate to stand up after you crawl

Let me be the villain in this little tale of ours

Let me be the subject of your curses on praying hours

Let me be the demon, the manipulative fiend

At least let your hate for me breed

Inner power that will give you existence

Hate that will spell out vengeance”

IF hate carves your will to live let it be,

Love yourself curse and hate me

I am the sacrificial pawn of your chess game

I am your love, the one to harness the blame

If you hate me then love your reflection

Instead of this self caused mutilation

Hate me, till death do us part

Yet, I loved you all from the start


Faithful can't you see?

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Comments 3 comments

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 5 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

what a powerful poem...very intense emotions...i can feel it in your poem...

Uriel profile image

Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon Author

raciniwa THANK you for our lovely comment :) glad you liked it :D while i was writing, it somehow did NOT make any sense :)

Uriel profile image

Uriel 5 years ago from Lebanon Author

raciniwa THANK you for our lovely comment :) glad you liked it :D while i was writing, it somehow did NOT make any sense :)

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