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Magical Gains by Nicola E. Sheridan


Paranormal Romance - I adore it. The blend of reality and fantasy to create new worlds and engaging love stories is something I have a lot of time for. With Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries gaining popularity, the world of paranormal romance is expanding. It no longer simply revolves around vampires and werewolves, there are authors using a plethora of magical beings now - from wereseals (Shona Husk) and werecats (Rachel Vincent) to the Fae (Karen Marie Moning) and centaurs (P.C. Cast).

So, I was delighted to discover an new series from debut novelist Nicola E. Sheridan ( - because it's about Genies! The first in the series is "Magical Gains" and was released by Eternal Press in March. It's available in both kindle/digital formats, as well as paperback for those of you who are interested. Nicola E. Sheridan has created an amazing new world. It's based in our world, but an alternate version of it - in which all magical and mythological creatures are real and simply considered minority beings. To cope with obvious advantages that  a magical beings would have over humans, the government has created departments to ensure equality and assimilation. To this end, the use of magic is restricted, and heavily taxed through a "Magical Gains Tax". So when the main character Primrose, discovers herself the mistress of a gorgeous Genie, she is reluctant to accept his wishes. This leads to the beginning of sweet romance between them, but their path to true love is blocked and troubled by wild and amazing magical beings. Manticores, Sirens, Harpies and insatiable Satyrs all make an appearance - and I can't wait to read the second in the series.

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