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You Know They're Here is a true accounts story describing the experiences of a family faced with paranormal activity in the early 1970s. Paul J. Kenyon met the Dandy family August 17, 1973, the same day the story of their troubled house hit the front page of the Western New York town of Olean, New York. The house, just outside of Olean, nestled in the hills of Hinsdale, New York is considered Western New York's most haunted location. During the Dandys' residency in the 70s, Father Alphonsus Trabold O.F.M., of Saint Bonaventure University was requested to come to the house in hopes that a blessing would end their unwanted activity - there was no apparent positive effect of Father Al's anointing of the house. In April 1974, Father Alphonsus performed a simple exorcism aided by world renowned psychic, Alex Tanous. For a time the activity was subdued, but within three short months the paranormal activity escalated once again. Eventually, the family was forced from their home, not just due to spirits, but their finances were dwindling due to many other circumstances including unexplained vehicle problems.

You Know They're Here will enlighten you about the activity surrounding this out-of-the-way, 150 year old farm house, as well as offer this author's explanation and beliefs as to what this causes of the paranormal activity was.

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At the present time, You Know They're Here is available from the publisher, Virtual Book Worm, Amazon, as well as Barnes and Noble as well as many other online distributors. Click HERE to read about and purchase You Know They're Here.

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paul kenyon profile image

paul kenyon 7 years ago from Olean, New York Author

If you've purchased my book on Amazon, please return and post a review. Thanks!

Michelle La Voie 7 years ago

I purchased your book and am now about half through it. I can hardly put it down Paul! I read Clara Miller's book first and that's when I went looking for more and stumbled upon your book. This is such a fascinating story. I live in Franklinville, and I have driven down Wagner Hill past the bottom of McMahon, but being as how the road has been icy the times I've been back there, I didn't want to press my luck. I had my 13 year old daughter w/me the one time, and she was very upset being back there and was insisting we get out of the there. Maybe just creeped out by all the stories, but I was surprised by her reaction. Anyway, out of respect for the people who live up there, I really don't want to be another pesky snoop and so I probably won't drive up. I (like others it seems) feel drawn to the area since reading about it and I'm absolutely fascinated by the history, from the Native American massacre (wondering if this was a massacre of Erie Indians by Senecas that Arthur Parker writes about in his history of the Iroquois), to the stage coach road and the stories of the Inn. If there is ever a tour or other opportunity to see the place or to walk the land, I'd be so interested in going. I'm a librarian by the way, and your book, along w/Clara Miller's, are now in our collection.

Brianna Price 6 years ago

Its funny how I found this site. I just finnished reading you book literally five min ago and i absolutely loved it. I have been to that house once with Mike R. and have been very facinated with that house. In high school I did my senior project on that house and thought i new many things about the area, that is until I read your book. I had no idea all of that went on and I am just amazed. It took me about three days to finnish your book and i just loved it

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NanDineen81 6 years ago

I have recently learned of this house, surprising, as I was born and raised in Olean. I have not yet read either yours or Clara's book. I am hoping to get to the library tomorrow to see if they have them. Do you know if there are any other books about this house? In the last few days, I have developed a fascination of this house. Last night I mentioned the house to a few friends, and one said that said he, his brother, and 2 of their friends actually just heard about it 2 weeks ago, and thought they would take a ride up there "just to see it". They stepped out of the car, and all of them got RIGHT BACK IN, he said that the atmosphere was just different, real heavy, and uncomfortable. Can I ask what relationship you are to the Dandy's? And was there ever any physical contact?

paul kenyon profile image

paul kenyon 6 years ago from Olean, New York Author

Brianna, Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate you dropping in to write me a note!

paul kenyon profile image

paul kenyon 6 years ago from Olean, New York Author

As in all paranormal cases, activity varies whether you might be dealing with an anniversary haunt, a residual haunt or many other reasons for the haunting. You ask if there was any physical contact... email me at I know the Olean library carries copies of my books. I do believe there is at least one of Clara's as well. One thing I need to mention to you: Both of the last residents recently passed away just months apart. No one knows what kind of energy was released by their passing. Be careful traveling to the house.

friend of a friend 6 years ago

Hi Paul,

Would you happen to know what will happen to the house now that Flo and Jo have passed? I heard a rumor it was for sale...

paul kenyon profile image

paul kenyon 6 years ago from Olean, New York Author

KG, Dona's son called me last week to let me know the house IS for sale. Not exactly sure what the details are as I haven't contacted him yet. Waiting for the right time to call him.

Ronda 5 years ago

Paul Pelase e-mail an updated emial addy? I am currently reading your book and awaiting Clara's in the mail. I'm a huge fan and have been up to the house several times but never in it.

No idea what Dona is asking? It would be a shame to have this unique site razed.

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