Pearl Harbor by Nancy Holder

Pearl Harbor is a book by Nancy Holder. It was published a couple of years ago but is still avaliable.

In the book Beckah Martin is a nurse in San Francisco finishing her traning. Her aunt tries to persuade her not to go back to her life in Hawii. What her aunt doesen't understand is that Bekah went to California for an adventure. Her finace David was in a fire and didn't make it. Now Bekah is on her way home and about to marry David's twin brother Ian who has both the last name but not his independence. On the way home she comes across a young man Scott DeAngelo who is a New Yorker elisting in the army. There is an attraction between the two of them. That is until December 7th happens and there is an attack on Pearl Harbor. Now Bekah will be forced to choose between her job and her love for Scott.

If you love the 2001 movie Pearl Harbor then you will love the book. It is similar. It is also great for people who love to read romance novels.

Bookstores might or might not still have it but you can order it from both a bookstore or a library. So read as soon as possible. You never know it just might be your favorite book.

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