People and Their Passions


Everyone one has different passions. Some like to cook,sew,read,write,sing,and act. Everyone has a passion. My passions are cooking,singing and writing hubs. My girlfriends are Latch Hook and writing hubs. Some people are afraid to follow their passions because they are afraid of what some people would say,like Christians being afraid to speak about Jesus and God. I want to tell you I use to be one of those people. When I first accepted God I stayed in the closet about it. I finally talked with a stranger about it and then I realized how easy and cool it was to speak of Jesus. This past week my girlfriend accepted Jesus because she saw how happy I am being a Christian and she wanted to be happy too. Don't be afraid to follow your passions,never know one day your passions could make you alot of money and change you direction in life. God directs your steps in life and if you feel a tug in your heart,it's God telling you to follow your dreams and passions. My life has changed alot since I moved back to Massachusetts and I had stopped following my passions but I'm back doing them again thanks to my girlfriend standing behind me and encouraging me to do what I love to do. Now I'm passing the advice on to you,don't give up what you love to do. After our baby is born,I'm going to go back to being more involved in church and promoting Jesus. My girlfriend is on bed rest until the end of the pregnancy,so I need to be around more than being gone. So what is your passion? What do you really enjoy doing? Years ago a friend of mine really enjoyed word searches so he wrote his own word search book and gave it to a friend for a birthday present. His friend said it was the best present he received because it wasn't bought,it was made and given from the heart. I thought that was great ,that his gift was considered better than an Atari Video game. My parents and a great friend told me whatever I do in life do it with passion and to the fullest. As long as it's legal follow your passion and enjoy it. I do more cooking now and I'm back into my Christian reading and writing again. I have a better look on life and feel better about myself now that I'm back in the saddle so to speak. I'm sure some of you have been there yourselves. Please don't let it keep you down and give it up. You can be whatever you want to be in life it's up to you to make the dream come true. My girlfriend is making her dreams come true by going to college online to become a Website Designer after 25 yrs being out of school. She has alot of challenges on her plate with being ADHD,pregnant and on bed rest for next 5-10 weeks ,and having hard classes for school. I'm being her supporting her as much as possible and now she knows that God is behind her supporting her. It makes a world of difference when someone is in your corner. Follow your heart and dreams. She and I are following our hearts and dreams,so why don't you?


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