Perfect essay for a perfect student

perfect essay for a perfect student

Students are usually asked to perform or compose essays. Throughout, he or she’s college-level classes or higher education, a student essay will be graded on his/her ability to collect the needed informations, organize them, create through solid thesis and end with a strongly convincing conclusion.

Instructors are appreciating essays that shows that it’s author had fully understood the subject, gathered the needed accurate informations and arguments than synthesized a solid answer to his own conviction and toward his essay’s readers.

Since organisation could add confidence, it’s imperative in any type of student essay, to follow a main structure commonly used by well organized students, always take a laps of time to form a broad but clear structures, and outline list of the main points and ideas to elaborate on.

Student essays are usually performed by thesis paragraghs, throughout, it’s prefered and well liked that a student should state his/her thesis in the last sentence of his/her first paragraph, than continue to support it throughout the rest of his essay body.

For being more convictive, a student must provide examples facts, and explanations to support ideas and descriptions, quotes and sayings to give arguments more supporting reality or verity.

Whenever a student feels that his essay isn’t enough clear, then he might want to see if he can add short sentences and or even a short paragraph that elaborates and sums up what he has applied.

First of time when drafting a student essay, the smart author doesn’t worry about spelling and grammar , but firstly focus on the main subject and its structures, revises, reorganizes, and proofreads, then has to look for confusing or murky sentences, words, and ideas that can be eliminated. Repetitiveness is always badly appreciated , and gives the reader an impression that the author is running around and can’t release or change to further horizons.

For that purpose, The student has better to check that the applied information is clearly readable, wisely understandable and in point. That will remain in the reader’s mind once going toward next ideas or paragraphs ; Remember that an instructor mind not see how many pages his student composed in a given amount of time, but how he understood the content, how he elaborated it, clearly developed and nicely presented it.

If I can summarize how appreciated will be a student essay, I will forward below some general and useful tips to compose a student essay, that your instructor or reader can appreciate :

- Read carefully but deeply the main subject, than circle the keywords, such as the leading words and actions verbs.

- Analyse and break the subject into main ideas or paragraphs parts, than classify the categories.

- Identify paragraphs link them to each other and relate between them.

- Forward explanations and examples, make compares and contrasts and find similarities or differences than emphasize what you’re mainly asked to argue on.

- Have enough courage to criticize and discuss the positive and the negative side of the subject and give examples to built solid arguments.

- proofread, reorganize your subject by its topics, stages, and points.

- Validate and finally conclude your logical reasons and/or factual evidence to state the truth and outline your ultim convictions about the subject.

- Now it’s time to revise and give last attention to spellings and grammars.

A student essay is a building to be erected, it must be well structured, solidly based, easily accessed, safely to get out and pretty to look at.

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Joinseo 5 years ago

The toughest thing in this world is to capture the scenes into words.That is the biggest problem the most of students are facing.You know when I was a student there was huge ocean of thoughts in my mind but I could never understand that how I can write my ideas and my thought in words.Every time I tried, I could not bring out an effective writing that may show what I actually mean to say but with the passage of time I learned how I can express my feeling and thoughts in words.And you did a great job by helping students with way to bring thought in words.I really appreciate it.

joinphp profile image

joinphp 5 years ago from Tunisia Author

Thanks Joinseo.

I appreciate your comment.

H. 4 years ago

I need to be a good student. What is expected from me?

joinphp profile image

joinphp 3 years ago from Tunisia Author

Great question!

To be a good student, you still be young and you have time for that. Read too many books in any subject you find. You will earn ability to speak, to read, to write and to say meaningful things.

Many lucks...

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