Close your eyes,

hold your breath

and wrap yourself

snug in the arms

of a sweater,

Thick and warm,

then pretend it is me,

hugging you.

Not me personally,

of course, although

that would be nice,

but the one who you

really long to hug,

embracing your dreams.

Perhaps his or her lips

will brush visions of hope,

with finger-painted

caresses to ease your pain,

Perhaps not!


For I have known

the emptiness of such hugs,

but still I seek the 

comfort of what could be.


Imaginary lovers

are always ready to

embrace the lonely

they are as old as time

even cave men

snuggled in fur

and dreamed of her

long gone.


Do not be afraid

of being alone

no one can

bother you  

but yourself

and there is pleasure

even for the lonely

simply by being less

in solitude and then

wrapping yourself

in the warmth

of a daydream

of what you'd

rather have.






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Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Enjoyed the read MFB!

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