Photographs of People I Don't Know.

 In my home,

In the albums on my shelves,

There are photographs,

Of people I do not know.


Old dusty pictures,

Worn and cepia brown,

Of people I have never known,

Or at least do not remember.


Old friends of family passed,

Living forever on this page, 

Parties in my childhood,

With guests I cannot name.


But on my shelves they stay ever to remain,

For it seems a sin to throw away,

A memory, a frame in time,

Someones life, connected with mine.


For perhaps somwhere there are pictures of me;

 In a home,

In the albums on the shelves,  

Of people I do not know.


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coffeegginmyrice profile image

coffeegginmyrice 3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario

Nostalgic and sentimental. Photographs are precious, the more aged, the more precious. Precious not of value but of the memories unknown to us. Though sometimes finding old photos especially of our ancestors feels creepy, these photographs have a story to tell...only if someone alive could much better relate about them to us.

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