Picture Draw

Picture Draw

I have a draw full of pictures.

They're from a life long of memories.

It's a story but - just in a mixture.

And in this picture draw,

even though it's so full and hard to close,

every once in a while, I just add more.

Then one day they all fell to the floor.

Scattered in no particular order.

There I saw my life, looking up at me.

I stared awhile till' they became a blur.

Some made me laugh, some made me cry

and some I just wanted to ignore.

So I picked them up one by one from

off the floor and gently

put my memories back in their draw.

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Ellen Karman profile image

Ellen Karman 3 years ago from medina, Ohio Author

yeah sure, no problem. Sorry for the delay my lap top's keyboard broke. I will contact you later today, Ellen

aykianink profile image

aykianink 4 years ago

A handful memories. Hehe.

On another note, can you contact me privately? You have me as someone you're following and I'd like to talk to you. Thank you:-)

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