Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Tell a story, be inspired

Have you ever heard the term, "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Have you actually tried doing it? In creative writing, the whole idea is to get your juices flowing to write what you have in your head. Take a picture that you love, maybe its a picture from a novel you love, or even one you wrote yourself, an illustration of a cat, a dragon fighting in the skies above a castle, or one that you have in your scrapbook, or one on your mantle, or dig out one from the album in the attic, and take a long hard look at it. What do you see? What happened in it? What is it? Does it tell a story? Look at my profile photo and try and guess what that day was like for me? I'm not above taking a ribbing over it, believe me, my brothers can't seem to let it go. They crack up every time they see it. That picture definitely has a story behind it. One in which I won't forget. It was a good day. And I'll give you a little piece into it, if you're interested; I wasn't the only one that day to catch a whopper like that. My life long buddy, who was with me (the one who took the picture) did just as well. I just didn't get my phone out fast enough to take a picture before he tossed it back.

Look at the dragons to your right, what do you think of them? I used a picture similar to these as the cover art to my novel. I've always been an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction and I made a dream come true by finally putting my imagination to work for me and getting it published. Using pictures as an inspiration piece is a simple but powerful way to get things rolling in your head, and on the page. It doesn't even matter if you let someone read what you've written, the whole idea is to GET you to write.

So get your juices flowing, and take a long look at a picture. Tell a story. See what happens. Let inspiration take you to places out of this world, OR into it. I'll put a couple of photos on here, maybe they'll inspire you.

In the meantime, here's a chuckle or two from my family to yours. I bet each and every one of you have pictures that would make you blush even today. Pictures of growing up that you cringe at every time your mother brings them out at the family reunion. Mine are at the bottom of this hub. I hope I don't make an ass out of myself. Just be kind when you see them, OK?

Pictures Can Tell the Story For You - Dedicated to my family - whom I love. I miss the one's who have left us

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