Poem: Piece of mind for everyone

For dead in head
I've got nothing to say
If I must I waste a liter of air
and say to them as less as I can.
They are nothing and
if I were a ghostbuster I would take them away.

For modern Garfields
I've got some things to show
like how to grow or get up from sofa.
Or how to replace fully functional hand
with remote control.
It will make the problem of losing
remote controls
go away.
And make me rich.

For beautiful girls
I've got poems to write.
And to question why
I'll never figure them out.
If they waste their beauty
like most of them do
in acting like you expect them to do
they can forget the poems I promised.

For my ex
You were mostly great.
And I can't hate what I used to love.
As i always say:
Love can't be lost it can only change shape.
You've made your marks
I've made my castle.
We all need them to feel safe.
If you ever try to get in again
you can forget it.

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