Play Nice

I didn't do it! Source:
I didn't do it! Source:

Play Nice

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Impaled upon my cutting words,

revenged I am from wanton slurs.

I bleed profuse my waste incurred,

and suffer by my hand.

Too quick to judge and open be,

with no defence or pretension see.

My glass house sits and I inside,

proffer not from my disguise.

For I am not that slanderous fool,

who sometimes deems to ridicule.

Only to be cut down and pay the price,

of self-importance and plain denial.

Knee-jerk response is hardly fair,

when consideration is hardly there.

In penance I’ll try to be more civil,

and shut my mouth, try not to dribble.

For at my age I should know better,

than spite my feelings and attack another.

Maybe I’m just a cranky old bastard,

who needs a spanking and to think much faster.

In conclusion I will zip it up,

and just look for all the half-filled cups.

Try not to be so contentious,

And play nice with others, and mend my fences.

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