Pleasantly Going Backward In A Forward Society: INTRODUCTION


Pleasantly Going Backwards In A Forward Society


My New 3 Favorite Words: IT’S PAID FOR!

An ongoing essay of truths, mishaps and growing experiences by Sarah Jackson


“You did WHAT??”

       This is a typical response from people we know…except for a few who know by now that we, the Jackson family, are apt to do just about any wily and imaginative thing at any given time. It’s a trait and a talent. I will preface this ongoing series with some trivia; for years my husband has had a passion for knives and knife-making, as well as the art (and I do use the term art) of survivalist techniques.

       For years we have discussed a goal of being as self-sufficient as we possibly can be. By self-sufficient, I mean living in a home which has been paid in full, and relying on alternative reliable energy sources to supply power to our home. I believe the phrase is “off the grid”. Now, this year, we are in our beginning steps of achieving that very goal. After reading countless magazines, books and articles about the subject of self-sufficiency, we feel we are on the right path, but learning as we go. And thus, we are creating a journal of our experiences as we try to attain an increasingly popular lifestyle. Grab a cup of coffee…..


“It is preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.” - Thoreau

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