Im sorry

I don't know why.

But I am.

If I said I would never do what ever I did again,

Would you take me back?

I can be better.

I can do better.

I will be everything you ever dreamed of.

I will hold you more,

love you more,

give you everything.


Just one more chance.

It's all I need.

I'm on my knees,


in tears.

Just say yes and end this misery.

We can wake up tomorrow,

and it will be like the old days.

Just you ,

and me.


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Tim Matthews2011 profile image

Tim Matthews2011 5 years ago from Huntsville, AL.

I felt like this just a few months ago, and the feelings still linger. When someone has such an impact on your heart and they leave you, it breaks you down into nothing. I hope that you find your happiness again.

Endure Today profile image

Endure Today 5 years ago from Louisiana

Possible to move on? A door is open for you.

Leanne1783 profile image

Leanne1783 5 years ago from Bradford, United Kingdom

Beautiful poem, evoking a lot of emotion.

homesteadbound profile image

homesteadbound 5 years ago from Texas

You have obviously been hurt. But sometimes changing just to please another is not a good answer. Be careful that you don't lose yourself by trying so hard to be someone else to please someone.

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