Poem: 10 Days of Summer (Video)

10 Days of Summer

I wrote this poem as part of my 30 videos in 30 days challenge.The poem is based on real life events and details the break up of a brief love affair. It is short, simple, yet effective in delivering its message. 10 Days of Summer is a short poetic story about how love can overwhelm you in a fleeting moment and it can be gone just as fast. That feeling of heartbreak, anger and insecurity comes alive in this poem. It is almost comical in its delivery as it reads like a story, a short tale of 10 days of a summer love. Sometimes we fall in love, and the pain of losing that love can make you wish you had never met that person. Most people should be able to relate to this poem and understand the feelings associated with the break up of a relationship you thought would last forever.

Poem: This Love

This Love is again a love poem, but it talks about the side of the coin. That beautiful feeling you get when you love someone so much. The kind of love that words can rarely describe. the kind of love that makes it difficult to find the perfect brush to paint exactly how you feel about that person.

Amazing Love Poem

Deep Poem by Miss Lauryn Hill

A Limitless Love

Poetry is a form of expression to me that paves the way to my soul. I cannot go a single day without writing one poem. Without escaping into a pen and notepad, escaping into a world that I just can't describe some days. Some days I just write, write, write and write and I just can't stop writing. Some days, I put pen to paper and I wish it could be endless. My relationship with my pen is limitless, just like a limitless love in the poem above. The written word saved my life, and it can save yours too. Love and blessings.

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