Poem About Religious Hypocrisy

Questions Asked of our Betters

Jun 10

It is not your domain.

It is my name that you tried to smirch.

It is our right.

It is their time but their time

Is running out.

It is not about where I went wrong,

But rather

Where you did.

When did it bigotry under other guises

Become acceptable?

Why do the rules you preach

Falter and fail when applied to certain groups?

How is it that you can do this and see nothing wrong?

Why is it that you can inflict suffering

And do it with impunity

Under the decree that you uphold?

Why can I not tell your compassion from your oppression?

Your judgement from your acceptance?

Your love from your fear?

Your subjugation from your emancipation?

Your salvation from your perdition?

I ask these questions not because I don’t know the answers

But rather because you don’t.

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mobashar shah 5 years ago

Awesome, deep, love it.

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