Poem: Anxiety

Poetry by The Magic<8>Ball


Restless indecision burrows,
Itching the skin,
This spinning compass falsifies security,
Egging me closer,
Back to the alpha,
The place where this anxious parasite lives within.

Convinced centrifugal force tethers thoughts in orbit,
Choices remain at the base of the centrifuge,
Paralyzed with fear,
Regretting anticipated steps before toe follows heel,
Second by second careening out of control in this mental Olympic luge.

Though forged by the right hand,
I question not this rote existence mine,
Searching for tranquility along the highway,
This daily journey,
This catastrophic experience entitled “My life.”

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angel 0 zen profile image

angel 0 zen 7 years ago

nice expression of poem.. ;-)

magic8ball profile image

magic8ball 7 years ago from Beaverton, OR Author

Thanks for taking the time to read Angel 0 Zen!! I appreciate it.

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