Poem: Cactus Flowers

 This is another of the poems I wrote in college, describing what was happening in my life with God. A desert landscape is usually associated with difficult times spiritually, but at this time I felt connected to the desert as a place of life, vividness, new things springing forth. The image of flowers blooming in the desert particularly caught me: hence this poem.

Cactus Flower
Cactus Flower | Source
New life grows
New life grows | Source

Cactus Flowers

Gradual as evening, you

have me

securely as desert night

contains all its small creatures.

I sense the future’s shape

in your increasing simplicity:

like the desert

vivid and direct.

Few things are necessary.

captured by what I call love,

which is not much different

from what is called fear,

I follow because I can

do nothing else,

like birds

that hunt water

place to place.

I am no longer my own.

I obey

the new law, incessant

as nightfall

and dawn:

with morning

the sky is colored

like a cactus flower, the land’s

sparse and perfect



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no body profile image

no body 5 years ago from Rochester, New York

Very nice poem. I enjoyed it and the pictures. God sure is a great creator.

Jeanine 5 years ago

a single flower... a desert river bank... purple, red and green... uniquely radiant... your ways now my ways... a land of beauty nourishing everything... dark clouds gathering, the horizon opening just before dawn... releasing light fragrant rains, waters eternal, healing melodies, winds whispering your perfect song...

graceomalley profile image

graceomalley 5 years ago Author

jeanine - These images make lovely poems. And Hubpages would be a great way to share them :)

liesl5858 profile image

liesl5858 3 years ago from United Kingdom

graceomalley,Thank you for sharing your lovely poem and beautiful cactus pictures.

graceomalley profile image

graceomalley 3 years ago Author

And thank you for visiting, liesl.

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