Poem: Cellphone - Does He know?

Cell Phone, blackberry.

  • Black and shiny
  • Your body captivates
  • Silky and feminen
  • Enchanted by your beauty

  • I put you to my ear
  • Softly you murmur
  • My loved one’s voice
  • Softly like magic

  • As I become verbal
  • You are overjoyed
  • My voice tickles you inside
  • You love me so

  • You have captured me
  • I couldn’t imagine
  • Life without you
  • Close to my heart
  • As I wait for a call

  • You are my closest friend
  • Dead or alive,
  • I hear your voice,
  • Stalking me,
  • I am your boss now

  • Does He know?
  • You are my best friend,
  • Does HE know?
  • You never leave my side.

  • Texting away my Friends
  • Addicted to your touch,
  • Trembling as the battery fails
  • Your life dependence

  • My lifeline you think
  • You fool I heard
  • Strange forgotten voice
  • Spoken to me

  • I tremble as You spoke
  • Reminded by the truth
  • Jesus said - I am the way
  • Jesus to be my closest friend


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Comments 3 comments

Nisha 3 years ago

I liked this poem very much

lifegate profile image

lifegate 6 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


Lovely pieces that show your heart. Thanks for letting us in.

profile image

coffeesnob 6 years ago

very nice...liked them both greatly. the cell phone poem was unique and whimsical- yet a straight forward line! LOL

I am taken always by the reality of a Savior and His shed blood which is found in the second.



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