Poem: Dedicated To The Families Of Newton, CT

A Parent's Love

My Love and Joy: My son Denzel McDonald
My Love and Joy: My son Denzel McDonald | Source

Dedicated To The Parent's Of Newton, CT

Today an Angel woke up in Heaven

And a Mother and Father grieved

Today and Angel was greeted by God, comforted and held in his arms

And a Mother and Father grieved

Today and Angel will no longer, know pain or suffering, only Joy and Peace

And a Mother and Father grieved

Today an Angels' feet, will no longer touch the Earth, but soar in the Heavens

And a Mother and Father grieved

Today an Angel will only know, love, joy and peace

And a Mother and Father grieved

Today an Angel wants everyone to know, that I will never be touch by tragedy again

And a WORLD grieves!

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Ghaelach 4 years ago

Hi Daphne.

A beautiful tribute to all the Angels that died on this tragic day,

and the whole World grieves.

LOL Ghaelach

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 4 years ago from sunny Florida

A lovely tribute indeed. Today our nation mourns and we all send prayers to the families who are suffering so. God will be their strength through this for sure And as you said, those Angels will never be touched again my tragedy. Sending Angels your way ps

Marcia Ours 4 years ago

Great tribute for this sad tradgedy!

Carol 4 years ago

A Poem Written for Connecticut

In A Split Second

Connecticut this morning for the whole world to hear,

Why this happened is not quite clear!

December 14th seemed a glorious day,

Till heroes and angels were suddenly taken away,

Heroic people who never lost sight,

gave up their lives to do what was right.

While correcting papers and writing down scores,

they found themselves in the middle of war.

A sudden change of time and space,

a gunman ended up in the wrong place.

A place where children come to learn and play,

not a place where lives should be taken away.

The microphone was turned on to give warning to all,

and soon thereafter another angel did fall.

I'm sure they're looking down from heaven above,

knowing they sacrificed all for the ones that they loved.

THEN heroes stood up with boots on the ground,

To let a madman know they weren't backing down.

They weren't prepared for war we know,

but love and bravery to the world they'd show

Although these words can't bring you closer,

remember they went to work as teachers and came out as soldiers.

So it doesn't matter what battle you fight as long,

as you know the battle is right.

Give them the credit that they deserve,

when every day people STOOD to protect and serve.

So hug your children and squeeze them tight,

whisper in their ears each and every night.

We all have guardian angels in the heavens above,

watching over us with everlasting love.

God Bless Connecticut

By C.J.Falkner

lyns profile image

lyns 3 years ago from USA

Enjoyed this poem thanks for sharing.... 1/29/2014

Harishprasad profile image

Harishprasad 2 years ago from India

A great tribute to the innocent and blossoming little ones who lost their lives at the hands of madness and ignorance. You have rightly worded their plight in heaven for they deserve all bliss and eternal peace. Evil forces can attack our bodies but can they snatch away our purity of soul , innocence of heart and freedom of mind ? May God rest all the beautiful souls in rest and peace !

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