Poem: Diamonds Aren't Forever

Written; March 2011

Diamonds Aren't Forever

I held in my hand a diamond,

In my fist I clenched it tight,

Scared it would be lost to me,

Or taken in the night.

So tight I grasped it fiercely,

Where none could see it's shine,

A steel cage formed by fingers,

Protecting what was mine.

Yet one day my grip failed me,

As all things occasionally must.

And where I'd held that diamond,

I found only dust.

From this, I think, a lesson,

One that all should know.

No thing is more important,

than knowing when to let it go.

This was written after watching the Wonders of the Universe program on BBC. Turns out they degrade just as everything else in this world does.

What does this poem mean to you?

Does this inspire you? Let me know

Copyright 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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Gemmarella 5 years ago

My favourite by far! :)

abradford55 profile image

abradford55 5 years ago from Howell,MI

To me this means that there is nothing you can hold onto forever, everything must slip from your grasp at some point

Gemma j x 5 years ago

Wow what a lovely poem :)

Lee Douglas profile image

Lee Douglas 5 years ago from North Cornelly, Bridgend, United Kingdom Author


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