Did you?


Poem: Did you?

Did you remember to pray,

Enough to see you on your way?

Did you pray when you awoke?

Did you ask God to lead the way?


When you awoke to the sunrise,

Did you ask God to make you wise?

Which way are you walking now?

The road of truth, or compromise?


Did you ask God to make you strong?

Without His grace, could you get along?

Can you face life without His joy?

It’s easier with praise and song.


Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Look down deep inside of you.

Do you truly love yourself ?

Or are you sitting on a shelf?.


Know your strengths, use it well.

Let actions, not words, your story tell.

And when you err, forgive yourself.

For if God can, you can as well.


Did you pray when you awoke?

The fire of God you have to stoke

Did you ask God’s will for this day?

Did you wait until the Father spoke?


Did you?

How to pray!

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Arlecchino profile image

Arlecchino 6 years ago from Top of the Cloud

Deep, beautiful and touching poetry!

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