Poetry-Fine Wine-A Poem About Past Lovers

Fine Wine
Fine Wine

Fine Wines

In my life I’ve tasted many wines.

In many lands.

In many places.

Where language and creeds were barriers.

These were the bitter wines,

And my first impulse was to dash the bottle to the floor,

And run away and never show myself again.

My second reaction was to find out why.

But I never did.

Some wines were dry.

As dry as the deserts of North Africa.

And at night as cold as the desert night.

I tried to become accustomed to the taste,

But to no avail.

I needed a warm bodied wine,

Not a wine that has me gasping for something sweeter,

Or something warmer.

Some wines were sweet.

Yes, some sickly sweet.

These I recognized before I tasted.

And avoided, like a mouse avoids the cat.

Ah, but those sweet wines.

Those wines that heightened the pallet.

Those wines that soothed and brought joy,

Those wines that bridged the islands of the journey,

That begins at birth and ends at another birth.

Between these births there are the growing pains.

The wines of life.

Searching for the perfect bouquet.

The perfect blend that is not too dry,

Is not too sweet,

Is not too bitter.

This blend has the bouquet of a silken strand.

Riding on the wind.

A taste that fulfills all your dreams.

And casts aside your nightmares,

Of being lonely,

Of being unhappy,

Of not having someone to want, of not having someone to need.

Of not having someone to hold through the cold nights.

Of not having someone to smile at, to touch, to caress.

Of not having someone to laugh with, to cry with, to make love to.

To miss when asleep, too miss when out of sight.

Have I found my wine, my blend of perfection.

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Carmen Borthwick profile image

Carmen Borthwick 7 years ago from Maple Ridge, B.C.

Well done!

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

I like how you interweave the tasting of wine with real life experiences of living. Happy for you that you have found the perfect blend. Well done!

Innocentia 6 years ago


sligobay profile image

sligobay 6 years ago from east of the equator

Great palate for vino and life. I'm linking this poem to my new Hub. Well done. Cheers.

one2get2no profile image

one2get2no 6 years ago from Olney Author

Thank you for your kind comment.

lilyfly profile image

lilyfly 5 years ago from Wasilla, Alaska

Brilliant! I can't drink the wines of America, having quaffed a 15 franc bottle of heaven in Lyon! For nine bucks I tasted the lavender of adjoining fields, and had the best meal of my life- half of it given to me- the wine, both red and green grapes, a gift, almond shaped olives, stamped goat cheese, and apples, just stunning, and to this day, I'm broke, clear and clean thru by their kindness to share, and by their diabolical cunning in offering this heaven-food. I love them still... lily

Amy of www.Poemstogo.tv 4 years ago

Beautiful, simply beautiful,made me cry

one2get2no profile image

one2get2no 4 years ago from Olney Author

Thank you Amy but I didn't mean to make you cry. Thanks for stopping by.

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