Poem: Four

Daddy and Me!
Daddy and Me!

My daughter (Kaylie) turned 4 on June 1st 2009. It is an exciting and sad day as she reminds us she is no longer 'little' and she is now 'BIG.' She is truly Daddy's heart and I am thankful for every split second I spend with her.


Where did it go ?
Where did it slip?
Oh how I pray that we've savored,
Appreciated and reveled in every moment of God's gift.

1 - first glance
1 - new breath of life
1 - first touch, tender, genteel,
1 - tender grip of my fingertip
1 - giggling smile
1 - precious gift (her) revealed

2 - hands pressed together
2 - gripping eyes with the key to my soul
2 - turns fleeting 'round the sun
2 - more chances with you near, forever, to hold

3 - more candles aflame
3 - more opportunities to nuzzle
3 - times hoping to slow this tick
3 - moments of expression
3 - moments of self discovery
3 - more chances (for me) to decode this blooming female puzzle

4 - new kisses on the forehead
4 - arms embraced in a warm hug
4 - elated moments watching her dancing
4 - hands together, mommy and daddy, giving thanks,

Thanks for this baby girl, our sweetheart,

Our precious love.

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