Poem: Grains of Sand

Your words are sand
Each one a grain-
Ingrained in me
As if going somewhere
And becoming nothing
Going nowhere and
Becoming something
Aimlessly wandering...

Gripping loosely
Inseparably apart
Scattered together
Absolutely unsure
Sacredly unholy
Undevoutely pious
Relentlessly failing
Unscathingly harmful
Rootlessly grounded
Ruthlessly caring
Hurtfully soothing
Painfully soft
Dangerously benign...

Empirically unseen
Formlessly defined
Endlessly beginning
Uncommonly banal
Contently upsetting
Inspiringly unstimulating
Truthfully dishonest
Definitely ambiguous
Sensibly reckless
Sexually chaste
Purely adulterated
Undependably reliable
Independently unliberated

Once, the Wind and rain
Embodied you
The Moon and stars
Pertained you
The Sun encompassed

© Niall Markey 2010

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