"I Love You"

Holding on to those you love!


From school to school, sent while growing up, leaving behind special friends, some never to see again; to the ones that remain I say; “I love you!”

From State to State, leaving all behind, time after time, coming back finds everyone changed. But to one or two I can truly say; “ I love You!”

From my own place in life, filled with family that I love, I reach out to some that make life worthwhile and say; “ I love you!”

Some hide themselves and refuse to say those precious words. They hide their heart and let it die, but I refuse and still say; “ I love you!”

Heaven is made for honesty, and hell is where liars go, so I make my choices day by day, to be what I am and still say; “ I love you!”

From as a child taught to love, never taught to hate, there’s room in my heart, yes a special place for you because “I love you just as much as I possibly can!”


Nov. 29, 1997

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