Amber gold sparkling, raised high, intertwining with the dying of the light streaming through the fence cracks.

It flows down her throat as dark blankets the backyard, and mad light is left by swaying paper lamps.

Timid talking and deliberate deeds in quiet din are now forgotten.

Frenetic movement, faceless abandon eagerly absorbing all.

Passion soaring Everest high with drunken, ardent intensity behind eyes.

The moon glows silently above, hanging covetous over this jigsaw of elan.

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ExoticHippieQueen 5 years ago

OMG> I freakin' love this, am possibly in love with you, a man who can write with this level of abstract awareness! Awesome all the way, babe!

CM Sullivan profile image

CM Sullivan 5 years ago from California Author

Thank you Exotic, you're awesome!

BeyondMax profile image

BeyondMax 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Awe, I am so smiling here, such a gem =)

CM Sullivan profile image

CM Sullivan 4 years ago from California Author

Thanks BeyondMax!

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