"Let Me Be"

Painting by the author:
Painting by the author: | Source

Poem of Parody~

As a sentence let me be, with a subject, noun and a verb; as a paragraph, three or more lines wrote in black, and enough of them to speak my life, as a book alive; write each day a page of it.

As a trumpet bold, a cornets brass, or the mellow tone of a french horn’s resonance; let me be an instrument played. Valves oiled and ready to play, translating lyrics and notes; a melody directed by a master’s baton.

As the strings of guitars made taut, tuned, stretched and spaced over frets; harmonizing with musical chords, let me be; or like the orderly keyboard with each ivory a special note, not lower than the note before, or higher than the following note; each a unisoned step.

But let me be also as a well kept pavilion, a garden with design and architect; shrubs designed, flowers planted by horticulture wit; with path’s to the stream beside the fountain at the heart of it, let it portray color and tranquility; within its stones of serenity.

Let me be a blessing with my life from the cradle to grey beard; trusting as child of God, in brothers of faith, family and witness. A true son of valor, adversity and champion of truth; if not yet attained, let me ever strive, these to reach before I die.

Every sentence finished, every chapter named, book written and complete. A garden designed by a master landscaper of life. Let me be an instrument played, not rusty or unstrung, but in perfect tune; in God’s plan, in His own ensemble, in Him let me harmonize.


Nov. 17, 1998

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