Poem: Little Mirage Child (a prayer of forgiveness)

Light at the end of the Tunnel
Light at the end of the Tunnel | Source

A prayer and affirmation for a dear friend

I wrote this poem for a dear friend who has been hospitalized for several days with a severe case of pneumonia, pleurisy, and heart complications.He is in severe pain and is requesting prayers and words of comfort he can cling to. I feel strongly that God is not done with him yet, and it is NOT his time to die.

Having this happen right on top of the 9/11 tenth year anniversary, where so many others are deaing with anger and pain, I thought perhaps this poem might be of assistance to other people who are also dealing with emotional and phyiscal pain.

I hope this poem will be a blessing to you. If you can, also please say a prayer of recovery for my friend. To protect his privacy, I will just call hiim J. Please pray for J that he is free of pain and they he does indeed make a full recovery. I think you for all prayers. They are very appreciated.

Little Mirage Child

My dear friend J,

I have it on the best of authority that your time on Earth

is not even close to being over.

You will make a full recovery.

As long as there is life, there is hope.

There are, however, lessons to be learned

from this Earthly experience.

One of them is full forgiveness

of past wrongs,

those done to you

and even those you have accidentally done to others.

To be able to fully move forward,

it is essential

to work for healing and redemption.

Here is how it can work,

whether it is happens in one session

or whether it happens in layers,

such as the layers of an onion.

Imagine this pain your are feeling,

whether it is physical pain

or emotional / mental pain

that perhaps manifests itself as physical pain.

Perhaps give it a name of your choosing

such as Mirage Guy

or Mirage Boy

or Little Mirage Child.

That ‘mirage’ would be part of this name is apt

as this pain is trying to fool you

just like a person wandering in the desert

is sometimes fooled into seeing what is not there.

So picture, in your mind’s eye,

Little Mirage Child,

all prickly like a porcupine

which is part of its defense mechanism.

This little child needs soothing

so that it at last knows

it is safe to put away the barbs.

Picture yourself walking up to this scared little child.

You kneel down.

You hold open your arms

like you did so often to your own two little ones

now grown big.

You state with as much love as you can muster,

“Little Mirage Child,

I put my arms around you with so much love.

You are loved.

I love you.

You are safe.

I put my arms around you with love.”

This love will work as a shield

to keep you safe from the porcupine quills.

Imagine your heart welling up with love

and tenderness and compassion

for this poor frightened child

who has been lost in a dark room

for ever so long.

This child deserves and needs to be freed

from the darkness of grudges and revenge and non-forgiveness.

This child needs to become at one with the Light

of God’s infinite, ever-abiding Love.

As you really allow yourself to feel love

for this poor little child, say:

“I know, Little Mirage Child,

that you have tried your best to serve me.

You thought you were helping,

and for a long time you did help.

But I have since learned a better way.

I know you too would do better

if you knew better as well.

There is a better way to do things now.

It involves allowing ourselves to truly forgive.

We will not forget,

but we can forgive.

As for you, dear child,

I want you to know

that even though you have been harboring

your energy inside of me for all this time,

I totally and lovingly forgive you.

You are forgiven.

I forgive you with all my heart.

I love you.

Feel my true forgiveness and my true love for you,

dear and darling child.”

Really allow yourself to feel that love

for Little Mirage Child.

Hug yourself.

By hugging yourself, you are also hugging him.

Revel if those feelings of love and compassion

and absolute forgiveness.

As you forgive him, you are also forgiving countless others.

Then, once you have enjoyed that feeling of release

and dawning joy,

then say:

“Little Mirage Child,

I realize now that I have kept you

trapped inside of me for all this time,

trapped in the darkness.

I want you to know how very sorry I am.

Please, please forgive me.

I did not realize until now,

that by holding onto grudges,

I was trapping you inside that darkness.

Now that I know better,

I promise to do better.

So please forgive me

as I have forgiven you.

Let us both release ourselves from grudges and regret.

Let us be at one with each other,

assist each other,

grow together as we feel love and compassion

for those past others,

those present others,

and those future others

who might, consciously or unconsciously,

wish us harm or pain or strife.

Let us not take offense.

Let us realize that

when we accidentally did others harm,

we were actually crying for more love,

more respect, more approval from them.

Let us also realize that

when others accidentally or seemingly purposely

cause us pain or angst,

they too are actually crying for more love,

more respect, more approval from us.

They are also crying for more power and more turf

as they feel they are sorely lacking

one or more of those things.

We will echo and strive to live the premise

best expressed by the poem by Edwin Markham:

“He drew a circle that shut me out,

Heretic, Rebel, a thing to flout.

But Love and I had the wit to win,

We drew a circle that took him In.”

Allow yourself to feel that forgiveness

from Little Mirage Child

and your forgiveness for him.

Then turn to him and state:

“So, dear Little Mirage Child,

now that we have forgiven each other,

and know how much we love each other.

I want you to know that you are finally free.

You are free.

I am free.

We both are free.

So dear one, you have the choice,

to go to the Light of God’s Love for you,

or you have an open invitation

to live and reside in my Heart garden,

where you and I can be a helpmate

to each other.

We can work together

to keep compassion and love in our hearts

for all the various people in our lives.

I would love to you to partner with me

from now on.

You and I can be a team

knowing that when hurtful words

come from others,

it simply is a mirage.

They are trying to make us,

so to speak,

drink the Kool-Aid

of their own feelings of angst and inadequacy.

You and I together,

can draw a circle of Love

around them, in our hearts,

and feel love for the inner little child

that resides in each one of them.”

I imagine that Little Mirage Child

will choose to live and work with you

as true partners.

You two together will make one beautiful light

that will shine out from inside of you.

This light will bless others

and bring healing to others.

So know indeed

that your work on this Earth

is definitely not over.

In fact, perhaps beginning today,

it has just begun.

So be well, dear friend.

I am holding to the vision

that well-being truly abounds for you.

There is a stream of well-being

flowing fully in your direction.

I thank you for the many years

of our friendship.

I have long since forgiven our time of angst,

and ask your forgiveness for any pain I also caused to you.

You are my dear friend.

I am counting on having many more years of friendship.

With so much love to you.

My final words are the blessed words

of Mary Baker Eddy:

“To those leaning on the sustaining infinite,

today is big with blessings.”

Count your blessings.

Lean fully on the sustaining infinite

or the Universe, of Jesus, of Mother Mary,

and of our Father Mother God

who Loves you with a love that knows no bounds.

You are one with God and God is one with you.

Be well!

All is well!

Well-being truly abounds.

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Oh Debbie what powerful and beautiful words. He will be in my thoughts and prayers, and his friendship with you is bound to be giving him that much needed extra strength.

It is so obvious that this poem has come straight from your heart and this says so much about you my dear friend.

Life is so cruel at times isn't it?

The good ones sometimes go so young and then awful people seem to last forever.

However I suppose it is not our right to question.

I am thinking of you as well Debbie at this a time must be so difficult to watch you dear friend like this.

I am thinking of you both and everyone else who is going through a hard time there with you.

A beautiful hub Debbie,

Take care


Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 5 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author


Thank you so much for your support. Yes, it is indeed hard to know that someone I love is suffering like that. I am hoping for the best possible outcome and that he will be able to make a full recovery.

I am so grateful for your friendship.

My best to you,


John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Very soul searching - great poem!


Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 5 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author


Thank you so much for your thougtful comment. I wish you all the best!


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