Poem: London's Burning (A Poem about the London Riots)

London's Burning, Or so it may seem,
But this ain't Al Qaeda, It's just home-grown thieves,
They've broken windows, and smashed down shop doors,
The police tried to stop them,
But just got ignored.

Wait a sec, what do we have here?
A man with a dustpan! - a nan without fear?
They've hit the streets, and teamed up on Twitter,
To clean up the roads, and sweep up the litter!
Such pride these folks have in our little nation,
That'll they'll take to the streets,
To tackle ruination,
That was spread by the thoughtless, mindless minority,
Who wish only to destroy their own, hard-working community.

This hasn't been no bloody protest,
This is just idiots, and I detest.
If it were up to me, I'd hang the lot,
Or shoot the scumbags on the spot.

But let's forget London's foul zeroes,
And focus on those epic heroes:
The police who patrol the streets by night,
With riot shields, holding back the fights.
Those noble cleaners of the streets,
Who've spent all today on weary feet.
And the final thought, I think for me.
Is with those who spend tonight, in A&E.
Who did nothing to provoke the mob,
But who were sadly beaten, stabbed and robbed.

Copyright Lee Douglas 2011, All rights reserved.

Did this poem Inspire you? What are your thoughts?
Were you affected by the riots?

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abradford55 profile image

abradford55 5 years ago from Howell,MI

I thought that this very clever and awesome

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