Poem: Mirror, Mirror

Shattered mirror on the floor,

Dare to deceive society once more.


How many mirrors do you own? (Fixed and portable)

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Why did I write this?

I wrote this because I had seen many posts about how people thought they were ugly, that they were fat and that their friends are more beautiful than them. A very simple poem, it actually took at least an hour to pick the right words to represent how mirrors are deceitful objects. Personally, I hate looking into the mirror and if I had the choice (seeing I live at home with my parents) I wouldn't have one hanging on my wall. I'd hide it away only for when I needed it. Mirrors are disgusting objects that should never have been invented. We are surrounded by advertising of so-called perfect people, that wear expensive brands and live in beautiful homes. This chain needs to be broken, like the mirror in the poem.

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nochance profile image

nochance 4 years ago from Duluth, MN

I think your anger is a bit misdirected here. I understand where you're coming from but I think you need to blame society instead of mirrors. Mirrors only show you what you choose to see.

tylergee profile image

tylergee 4 years ago from Brisbane, Australia Author

That's why I mentioned models in the paragraph about why I wrote it. It can be interpreted however you want it, I just didn't want readers to feel this was a one sided poem :)

Bishopdown profile image

Bishopdown 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida

Nice point and it really opens thoughts towards both sides

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